Transmission Excellence Ltd (TX) (United Kingdom)

Transmission Excellence Ltd (TX)

TX is a company specialising in the technical and economic aspects of the transportation of electrical energy (i.e. gathering of power from generating units, transmission of bulk energy over long distances, and distribution to end users). TX has been particularly involved with the optimisation of the submarine cables used by offshore with farms in the UK.

Nearly all of our projects combine technical and economic aspects (e.g. cost-benefit analysis of alternative designs) and many involve the use of mathematical optimisation techniques to find the best design. We have also been deeply involved in the UK offshore wind industry’s investigation of the unexpectedly high failure rate that it has experienced with its submarine cables.

The profile of TX is a good match for our role on this project which involves estimating the technical risks associated with alternative approaches (e.g. the amount of generation disconnected in the event of a single failure or planned repair), cost-benefit analysis of alternative approaches to designing the collector array (e.g. trade-offs between capital cost, O&M cost, and availability), and using mathematical techniques to deal with uncertainty in input parameters (e.g. monte-carlo analysis).


FLOTANT has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
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