Technology from Ideas Ltd (TFI) (Ireland)

Technology from Ideas Ltd (TFI)

Technology from Ideas Ltd (TfI) is an Irish SME. Its key focus is on the research and development of polymer components for applications in the marine sector. They have a strong team of scientists, engineers, project managers and business development specialists. TfI is an experienced innovator and holds numerous patents supporting its own polymer spring activities in renewable energy.

TfI will be leading the Anchoring and Mooring design work package (WP2). As a business TfI designs and develops novel innovative polymer-based mooring and load protection components for use in exposed marine environments. Using tools such as Orcaflex, TfI model the behaviour of mooring systems across a wide range of application spaces, including aid to navigation, aquaculture, wave energy, tidal energy, floating wind and Oil & Gas. They then model the behaviour of such systems incorporating TfI’s mooring components, modifying the behaviour of the components to achieve the desired performance benefits (e.g. load reduction, shock elimination, footprint reduction, …). Using tools such as Ansys, TfI then design their polymer mooring components to deliver the response curve required to achieve the desired benefits. TfI then manage the moulding of the polymer components, the fabrication of the metalwork and the assembly of the final mooring components, before delivery and deployment with the customer.

TfI have worked with across a wide range of projects to date bringing their mooring technology to market. These projects have included modelling, design, deployment and monitoring activities. Their use the existing polymer manufacturing supply chain to produce the polymer parts of their components, using advanced engineered polymers such as Hytrel, in novel innovative shaped forms to deliver the desired response. Existing fabrication suppliers are used to produce the metal work and to assemble the polymer springs, all under TfI’s supervision.

TfI are working on a range of floating wind mooring projects, developing new mooring solutions which offer step change to performance and cost across the different FOWT platform types. They are currently taking their floating tidal platform knowledge, developed as part of the H2020 Flotec project, across into the floating wind market, where similar challenges with high thrust loads exist. They will apply this knowledge to the Flotant project, specifically developing a novel innovative mooring solution to reduce the cost of the mooring for this platform.

TfI use Prince2 as their project management approach and will manage the work package in accordance with this. A dedicated project manager will be appointed from the engineering team to manage the work package and ensure that all activities are completed on time and budget.


FLOTANT has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 815289