Stichting Maritiem research Instituut Nederland (MARIN) (Netherlands)

Stichting Maritiem research Instituut Nederland (MARIN)

MARIN is a leading R&D institute serving the international maritime and offshore industry for more than 83 years. MARIN operates the largest and most advanced hydrodynamic test facilities in the world. A dedicated group in MARIN conduct full scale hydrodynamic and structural investigations on board ships and platforms worldwide. Furthermore MARIN develops numerical models to support design and engineering of maritime structures.

In total MARIN employs 380 people. Since 2005 the institute has an active role in the R&D for renewable energy offshore such as fixed and floating wind turbines, tidal turbines and wave energy converters.

MARIN has been involved in model testing and simulating more than 15 different floating wind turbines in the last 10 years. Next to this MARIN has an unique testing facility including a dedicated setup for testing floating wind turbines. Also in the field of simulations models MARIN has developed in house unique software:

  • Time domain simulation model aNySIM
  • And CFD code Refresco.


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