Esteyco SA (Spain)

Esteyco SA

Esteyco SAP is a Spanish civil engineering and architecture consulting firm created in 1970. Since its beginning, Esteyco has provided independent, high-quality and professional services to both national and international clients.

For this purpose, Esteyco relies on three main offices located in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao and several permanent offices located in Bogota (Colombia), Santiago (Chile), Mexico DF (Mexico), Salvador (Brazil) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

In 1996, we identified the increasing interest in a field with as much future as the wind energy. Therefore, Esteyco SA decided to commit itself to the wind energy sector with the creation of Esteyco Energía, a company’s branch focused on this sector. Today, thanks to it, we have participated in more than 400 Wind Farms, with more than 10GW of installed power all over the world, creating an international model in this field with increasing activities in several countries and positioning Esteyco as one of the main actors in the design of concrete structures for wind turbines.

We are pioneers in precast concrete towers, with 12 years of experience at the wind turbine sector, and more than 500 WTG towers designed and built, in 6 countries. Designs from 80m up to 160m both for conventional and the disruptive self-lifting tower.

As such, we have provided our services to most benchmark developers all around the world.

In 2006, a specific R&D department was created in Esteyco with the following objectives:

  • Define a strategy of R&D according to our activity
  • Transform R&D activity in specific projects
  • Carry out this activity in parallel to the development of the other projects typical of an engineering consulting firm.
  • Give added value to our projects.
  • Has present R&D forums in the field of construction.
  • Establish synergies with Research Centers and other companies

The area in which Esteyco is currently working within this department is mainly energy, both onshore and offshore, however others are structural mechanics, bridges and structures, architecture, environment and highways and high-speed railway lines.

At this moment, we can proudly say that we have successfully participated in a wide range of national and international R&D programs and many of our pioneer solutions have been funded by such relevant organisms as European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, EUROSTARS, EEA GRANTS, CDTI and MINECO, among others.

Nowadays, the direct investment in R&D in Esteyco reaches 6% de the turnover and our short-term objective is to reach up to 8% of the company’s total turnover.

With regard to the similarity of our profile and the tasks involved in this project, it could be said that they are intrinsically linked. Few years ago, based on its broad and singular experience in design and construction of wind turbine substructures, Esteyco embarked on three interlinked R&D projects – all of them funded by European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program – which will be detailed explained in the following pages: ELISA project, world´s first craneless bottom-fixed offshore turbine; ELICAN project, self-installing telescopic substructure for low-cost craneless installation of complete offshore wind turbines. deep offshore 5MW prototype; and TELWIND project, Development of offshore substructure. Floating foundation and offshore telescopic tower.

In fact, it could be said that the FLOTANT project is the natural extension of the TELWIND project in which we have been working for the last years.


FLOTANT has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 815289