Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios S.A. (COBRA) (Spain)

Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios S.A. (COBRA)

Cobra is a company within the ACS group of companies and it has acquired a strong reputation in the overall market as a strong, reliable and experienced EPC Contractor in Oil & Gas projects and in the Energy and Renewable sectors. Cobra possesses extensive experience in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of industrial facilities and power plants, but is also known for its strong international presence.

ACS is a worldwide reference group for construction, civil works and related services, developing its activity in over 54 countries in key sectors such as Oil & Gas, Infrastructures, Mining, Power & Heat (CCGT) and Energy (Renewable Energy facilities including onshore & offshore wind, tidal, hydroelectric power plants, solar PV and solar thermal – CSP– plants). ACS, through Cobra, is strongly investing in renewable wind and dispatchable solar thermal energy development; high voltage transmission lines development all around the world; and desalination plants development throughout the Mediterranean.

Cobra’s objective is to become an EPC contractor of floating offshore wind farms providing a cutting‐edge technology regarding foundations, mooring systems and power evacuation. It is COBRA intent to maintain its commitment to progress by means of a continuous effort in the fields of technological innovation, understanding management needs of its customers, and through pursuit of its own investments in new techniques and new assets that will establish the foundations for the future growth of the renewable energy area.

AIMPLAS’ fields of work are related to technological research and development on thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials & products, its transformation processes and their recyclability and sustainability. AIMPLAS generates new knowledge and technologies that can be transferred to companies in order to help them to increase their effectiveness and competitiveness.

AIMPLAS has a broad expertise in the fields of recycling, compatibilization, reactive extrusion, biopolymers and renewable source materials, special assisted processing technologies and nanocomposites, gained during the last years in the frame of EU and national projects. Nowadays, Nowadays, AIMPLAS has participated in 100 EU projects in FP5, FP6, FP7, LIFE+, CIP-EcoInnovation, H2020, among others, coordinating more 40 of them. In H2020, AIMPLAS is participating in more than 20 projects, coordinating most of them. Outstanding LIFE projects were celebrated at the Green Awards ceremony in Brussels on 30 May 2017, BREAD4PLA – with AIMPLAS as a coordinator – was honoured as one of the two most exceptional LIFE projects of the programme’s 25-year history. At National and Regional levels AIMPLAS participates in around 100 projects yearly.

AIMPLAS, as RO is focused to help companies in the plastic sector to develop new products and increase their competitiveness through innovation, has more than 20 pilot plants representing the most relevant polymer/plastics/composites production technologies present in the industry nowadays and has state-of-the art test facilities for chemical, optical, morphological, mechanical and physical characterisation. These pilot lines and laboratories are used by many customer’s every year allowing them to test new materials, optimize production processes and launch new products to the market, supported by AIMPLAS technical staff, resulting in more than 5000 assays, 170 technical assessments and 120 training actions to more than 1500 clients per year.

AIMPLAS has 8500 m2 state-of-the-art facilities, including thermoplastics and thermoset pilot plants, analysis and testing laboratories (physical-mechanical, chemical, packaging, automotive and construction) and training areas. AIMPLAS is member of several international networks and organisations, such as ECP4, AESICOM or BIC and standardisation committees (ISO and CEN).


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