Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore Registre International de Classification de Navires et de Plateformes Offshore (France)

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore Registre International de Classification de Navires et de Plateformes Offshore (BV)

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification, and the worldwide leader in the provision of a wide range of Conformity and Compliance services relating to Quality, Health, Safety, the Environment, and Social Responsibility. The Company was founded in 1828; currently employs over 72,000 people; has offices in 140 Countries; and a turnover of €4.55bn in 2016. It is able to provide expertise to Clients worldwide across a wide range of disciplines through Technical Centres in France, the UK, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, UAE, & USA.

Bureau Veritas has 180 years of experience in the marine industry and 35 years in the offshore oil & gas industry. In 2013, the Bureau Veritas classed fleet exceeded 10,000 seagoing ships and offshore units. Bureau Veritas has also certified numerous offshore platforms and FPSOs, including more than 70 offshore platforms in the North Sea and 80 in Asia.

Bureau Veritas has over 10 years of experience in the wind industry, including Type certification of wind turbines, project certification of offshore wind farms, certification of substations for offshore wind farms, regulatory control of lifting equipment and electrical installations, manufacturing surveillance of wind turbine components, and on-site inspection of various wind turbine components such as blades and gearboxes.

Both R&D projects and commercial contracts outcomes are continuously used to improve the content of Bureau Veritas M&O Guidance Note NI 572 Classification and Certification of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines (October 2015). The document provides specific guidance and recommendations for the classification and certification of floating platforms supporting single or multiple turbines with horizontal or vertical axis.

In addition, Bureau Veritas participates actively in the Technical Committee TC88 of the International Electrotechnical Commission for the development of international wind energy standards in IEC 61400 series. In particular, Bureau Veritas is involved in the Project Team in charge of the development of IEC 61400‐3‐2 for floating offshore wind turbines, In parallel, Bureau Veritas chairs the French mirror committees for IECRE (Renewable Energy), developing international certification schemes for the wind sector.


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