3rd Clustering Meeting on H2020 Wind Energy Projects

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FLOTANT project was present at the 3rd Clustering Meeting on H2020 Wind Energy Project coordinated and hosted by INEA. The meeting took place at 10th of September 2019 in Brussels.

The event was a good chance to create synergies between different Wind Energy Projects, which were at different levels of execution. Indeed, we had the opportunity to join new members to our Advisory and Stakeholders Board who were at their last stage of their Wind Projects.

After an overview of the INEA H2020 Wind Energy portfolio presented by Robert Goodchild (Head of the H2020 Energy Research Unit), event went ahead with a highly enlightening presentation given by Philippe Schild (DG RTD) covering the policy framework, an overview of the H2020 call for 2020 and an introduction to the next Framework Programme.

This meeting brought together COREWIND, PivotBuoy, ROMEO, i4Offshore, WinWind, CL-Windcon, TotalControl, UPWARDS and obviously FLOTANT. All these projects had the opportunity to present their projects, identifying interfaces and establishing potential cooperation between them.

FLOTANT project would like to thank to INEA for this relevant meeting, which allows finding a productive environment of cooperation.