Public deliverables

Public Deliverables

D.1.1 Project Management Guide

This document presents the main management features of the FLOTANT project. Deliverable 1.1 provides guidance and solid foundations for the project management enabling the consortium to clearly understand the Project Management System, methodology and tools to be implemented in FLOTANT. It is a product of Task 1.1: Administrative, Legal and Financial Management, included in Work Package 1: Project Coordination and Management.

It covers the main objectives expected to be achieved immerse in the balance of the main three interest which include: the executive, the users and the suppliers, based on the well-known international Project Management Methodology PRINCE2TM. This project deliverable constitutes the basic background to understand FLOTANT management structure, the implemented project control mechanisms and the strategies and registers for tracking Quality, Risks, Issues and project configuration. It also provides, as examples, non-editable main templates forms produced for FLOTANT.

D.9.2 FLOTANT basic CDE package

Deliverable 9.2 contains the status of Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation related activities at M4 of the project.
Activities linked to the one-way communication are described in order to set a starting point: logo, leaflet, poster, roll-up, factsheet and website. This document will be the support of the CDE activities across the FLOTANT project.